Skate Photography

On 22nd March 2016, my mate Tom said he was heading over to the new skatepark at Folkestone Gardens to enjoy the nice and not be stuck inside editing the documentary he was pulling together. So wanting to get out and do the same I asked if I could tag along and try my hand at some skate photography. He said 'yeah sure man, it'll be fun' so I joined him to get my camera out and shoot some photos.


Below are all the good images I got from that day. FYI and FMI (for my information) skate photography is down right hard man, but it was mu first time shooting this sport so give me some slack.

All photos shot in RAW with my Nikon D7200 with either Nikon 35mm 1.8, Nikon 70-300 VR or Nikon 18-55 VR lenses. Edited in Adobe Lightroom 5 with the Adobe DNG converter (Lightroom 5 doesn't take the D7200 RAW files)

An Infrared Experiment

So I have recently become really interested in infrared photography and the potential it has for a photographer and filmmaker, especially within the sports, architecture and culinary fields. So below I have compiled a collection of photo's which I have converted to infrared using the negative effect filter on my Samsung Galaxy S6

Feel free to comment/like below to show your love or hate of the infrared genre as I would like to know

'All In' Film by Stellar Media

So the guys over at Stellar Media are pretty awesome. I have been following them on Instagram and Facebook for a few months now after I saw they ??? Basically they are an 'adventure content solution' that produce films such as the ones below that really get me excited and inspired because these are the sorts of films I want to be on the production team of. 

Here are the first 2 parts of the film series

I just watched them last night, Sunday 13th December 2015 I was pretty amazed. Its your typical ski porn action documentary film that uses showcases the mountains, the skiing, the ups and downs of a team trip, injury, POV shots and nature shots. Im not going to say more than that however I will end on this as I want to leave it up to you to discover your own thought on this film and leave them in the comments.

I love how the editor chose to edit the crash scene in the beginning of Part 2, with the cuts using both POV and heli shots and then I loved the fact that during this scene the sound you could hear was of from crash, recorded through the onboard mic of the POV camera, of Sam Cohen rolling down through the slough, bashing into the spines and rocks and then giving out a loud cry at the end. This really helped to make me as a viewer feel more of what Sam would have felt after a crash and fall like that.

Vimeo Favourites Blog Series

 I would like to start a blog series where I show you the top 5 films I have watched each month. However to make sure I am not spending too much time watching films and not doing uni work and stuff like that I am going to impose rules to this task and they are:

  1. Films have to come from Vimeo
  2. Films have to be less than 12 minutes long
  3. Films have to be within the Sports category 

So the idea is that each month I will compile a list of 5 films that I have watched and loved into a blog post so you lot can find out about me and hopefully learn a thing or two from either the films subjects themselves or from how the film is presented and shot and stuff like that. It may even inspire you to be more passionate about film (not just for the cinema) and then who knows that will happen. 

I will be posting each of my monthly updates on the 1st of every month, starting from June 2016 where I will be sharing my favourite films from June 2016



Glacier Hike December 2015

December 30th came around and we had made plans to go on a glacier hike with the Shortland family and Lucie's friend Katie. We ended up going over to Italy for the day and had a good old adventure. There is nothing more both the Shortland and Pitkethly families like more than this.

Here are some photos and video from our day. Taken on the Samsung Galaxy S6 with some editing done in Adobe Lightroom 5