Could I see myself as a mountain bike photographer?

As Easter 2018 has come and gone and that officially marks the start of my career as a photographer and filmmaker. Even though I have taken it on since finishing school in 2014, I haven't had the amount of freedom to consistently do so.

Within mountain biking, one of my first opportunities to "professionally" take photographs, meet athletes and the rest of the community was the 1st round of the 2018 Southern Enduro series. This event was down in the Queen Elizabeth Country Park, Hampshire. I think I prepared correctly by charging my cameras, formatting my SD cards, leaving early so I get down there for 9am, so I can scope the area out for the best shooting location for the day, etc.  ... I wasn't!

I made the mistake of going to the main QECP visitor centre and car park and although there were mountain bikers around there wasn't enough for it to seem like a big enduro event like Southern Enduro. I stupidly paid £5-10 for a full day parking as well and wasted 20-30 mins waiting for something resembling an event to happen but it didn't. So a quick check on the Facebook event page and I had got the wrong area to the QECP, meaning I didn't get to the event until 9.45am and so didn't have time to scope different shoot locations. But hey I learnt from it.

The 2nd mountain bike event I attended as a photographer was the 1st round of the 2018 Pedalhounds series, where although it took me a while to find the event in East Meon, I had set earlier so I had time search around and find 2-3 spots to take to photograph riders. However I forgot to pack and bring a small camping chair to sit on so that when there is a long break in riders< I can have a seat and rest for a bit. 

Anyway thats enough writing/reading for a blog post today I reckon so here enjoy some of the best photos 


Basically the answer to the question is YES PLEASE! Not only have I really enjoyed photographing the last 2-3 mountain bike events here in the south east of the UK but I think I have pulled off some pretty solid photos. I even continually get some sold through my Roots and Rain profile.,gb


anyway Cheerio for now. I shall be back very soon

Ray Petty Meccanica - November 2017

After my US West Coast trip in October 2017, I was able to find a gem of a motorbike repair shop in Greenwich. I stumbled upon Ray Petty Meccanica during a bike ride (a break from being in the flat all day) one cold dark, but dry Friday evening. 

As someone who within the last year or so, especially who is frequently on the discover page on Instagram (seeing what the rest of the world is up to), I have grown a strong passion for specialist "cafe racer" style custom bikes, which Ray Petty where clearly into. After a quick Google, website and Instagram stalk, I got in touch and asked if I could take some photos of the bikes, workshop and people involved, for free, which they were happy to let me do on 2 occasions.

Below are some of the photos I captured on both these occasions. I hope you enjoy them

Its mid February at the moment and I am going to get back in touch to see if I can get involved again and maybe work on some more bike showcasing style photos (like seen on @bikeshedmc, @autofabrica & @losperdidos_ on Instagram). I hope I can take these passions of mine further throughout the next few years here in London.