Vimeo Favourites Blog Series

 I would like to start a blog series where I show you the top 5 films I have watched each month. However to make sure I am not spending too much time watching films and not doing uni work and stuff like that I am going to impose rules to this task and they are:

  1. Films have to come from Vimeo
  2. Films have to be less than 12 minutes long
  3. Films have to be within the Sports category 

So the idea is that each month I will compile a list of 5 films that I have watched and loved into a blog post so you lot can find out about me and hopefully learn a thing or two from either the films subjects themselves or from how the film is presented and shot and stuff like that. It may even inspire you to be more passionate about film (not just for the cinema) and then who knows that will happen. 

I will be posting each of my monthly updates on the 1st of every month, starting from June 2016 where I will be sharing my favourite films from June 2016



Film Review Format

From my 'An update' video on YouTube, you will know that I want to start doing reviews of films I like in the area of the industry I am passionate about, adventure and action sports along with car commercials and other well shot films. If you haven't watched this video in question, here it is below

 Now even though I said I want to do these in a video review, I am going to change the produced format of the main longer review and the introduction video and combine them into 1, full length written review. But don't worry I still hope to do the live reaction video of films that would be the first time watching them.

I hope this is a better decision for me, but if not then I will try the reviews in video format ready for my YouTube channel. 

A bit of a heads up/teaser... The first written film review I will be producing on my blog will be that of The Shadow Campaign's 'The Warmth of Winter', which is linked above if you haven't seen it. Finally I hope to have this up by next weekend (14th & 15th November)