LSE SU Finance Conference

A good 6 weeks or so ago, an old friend from back in 6th form asked if I would happily come and cover an event she was organising. The conference was just last week actually, being held at the Rosewood Hotel in Holborn, London. Below are some of my best photos from the event as well as some extra info about the event, who the speakers were and what was being talked about

The Rwanda Foundation kindly sponsored the event

A spokesperson from the Rwanga Foundation was on hand to answer students questions and guide them on how they can help and get involved with the foundation 

Talking about the Basel III Initiative

Peter Allen of Euro IRP discussing the future of research in relation to business innovation

Paul Craven of Craven Partners made probably the most interactive presentation of the days can be shown above and below. His talk was about 'The Magic of Behavioural Economics' and to be more specific as seen here, a demonstration/example of the Bandwagon Effect

A member of the Rwanga Foundation came to talk about his experience visiting the sites and locations Rwanga operates in, ending this great interesting day