Cine 1071 Evaluative Vlog

We started brain storming and thinking about ideas over the summer holidays and were able to pull a good team together only a few weeks into our 3rd year. The idea for our film came from Jenny our producer after she had seen the film ‘The Line’ on Shorts of the Week and we basically re-worked this film into our own original story.

As our films cinematographer, much of my time during pre production was spent researching similar films and shows like The Divergent film series and The Aliens tv show for technical and creative decisions taken on.

On completing my report I had already some thoughts and research about ‘The suitability of a "one shot scene" in a short sci-fi dystopian film’ that I would use to determine which parts of our film to use with this technique.

Taken from 'Children of Men 2006 Long Take 3' uploaded onto YouTube by My Favourite Films on Apr 6, 2014 (

Taken from 'The Player opening scene' uploaded onto YouTube by EclecticGlue on Aug 13, 2008 (

Consulting our writer and director, Ellen, we had some ideas to use it during the cafe scene where Olivia, our main character, rushes out and then notices Grace. Also we thought if we could pull of a ‘one shot scene’ during Garrick’s statement to the group that isn’t too much of a boring shot to start off with then we would be able to hold the audiences attention. 

Above —> Screen grabs of Garrick’s statement in the warehouse scenes

Our thought process behind a planned ‘one shot scene’ for Olivia rushing out the cafe involved things like whether or not it would be done handheld, which would help the emphasis of Olivia being rushed or on the steadicam, which would be smoother. Ellen and I even thought about shooting the scene using a close up with an 85mm lens as this could make the audience feel like Olivia is more focused and has her adrenalin pumping. 

Production started on the 20th February and shot our cafe scenes on Monday 13th March. I had done some location scouting on the Friday before as not only was the location secure at last minute but I wanted to check out if a steadicam shot was possible. I was able to collect some photos of the cafe of which to relay back to the rest of the team and for Ellen and I to look over before our shoot to confirm whether or not a steadicam ‘one shot scene’ was possible.


Above —> A photo and video I took whilst on a location scout at the cafe

From the photo and video above you can see that there is a clear walkway that I did walk down with the steadicam following Olivia rushing out of the cafe. It was a bit tight but with the help of my 1st AC, Sohaib helping me to make sure I didn’t run into any tables or chairs, we were able to pull off the shot below.