'Let It Happen' by Tame Impala Music Video

During this 1st term of my 2nd year here studying Film & TV Production at the University of Greenwich, as part of my Post Production Design Course we were set the task of producing a music video (within certain deadlines) from a song of our choice. My team consisted of Adam Spearman, Ryan White, Gearrard Marshall, Jack Barefoot and myself and by the end of the first 2 weeks of term we had chosen the song from our music video being Australian rock band Tame Impala's 'Let it Happen' 

Here is the official music video

And here is our version

The music video follows a man, Jack, who leaves his family running across the country, overcoming various obstacles i n order to reach his light beam to this new world, as his current one is in the brink of collapse and destruction

Notes/Events that arose and occurred during production (for tips and enjoyment):

  1. Filming most of our scenes at night from around 9pm onwards, for several days meaning we had to battle with the cold and high winds that London was receiving that week
  2. Having to drive down to Camber Sands Beach (named the 2nd best beach in the UK) on a late November Saturday night to film in the cold when we could have been warm at home, or hanging out with friends at the pub
  3. We had some trouble getting permission to film at some locations such as a swimming pool because we had to pay them over £200 to use the pool only for 1 hour and because were students we can't afford that unless we had external investor onboard our film willing to help us finance the music video. Also Greenwich park wanted £70 so we could film, even during the night when the park during the winter isn't that busy anyway, but as like I said were students and don't want to spend that sort of money just for a few scenes of the music video. In the end we did just gorilla film at the park