Film Review Format

From my 'An update' video on YouTube, you will know that I want to start doing reviews of films I like in the area of the industry I am passionate about, adventure and action sports along with car commercials and other well shot films. If you haven't watched this video in question, here it is below

 Now even though I said I want to do these in a video review, I am going to change the produced format of the main longer review and the introduction video and combine them into 1, full length written review. But don't worry I still hope to do the live reaction video of films that would be the first time watching them.

I hope this is a better decision for me, but if not then I will try the reviews in video format ready for my YouTube channel. 

A bit of a heads up/teaser... The first written film review I will be producing on my blog will be that of The Shadow Campaign's 'The Warmth of Winter', which is linked above if you haven't seen it. Finally I hope to have this up by next weekend (14th & 15th November)