'All In' Film by Stellar Media

So the guys over at Stellar Media are pretty awesome. I have been following them on Instagram and Facebook for a few months now after I saw they ??? Basically they are an 'adventure content solution' that produce films such as the ones below that really get me excited and inspired because these are the sorts of films I want to be on the production team of. 

Here are the first 2 parts of the film series

I just watched them last night, Sunday 13th December 2015 I was pretty amazed. Its your typical ski porn action documentary film that uses showcases the mountains, the skiing, the ups and downs of a team trip, injury, POV shots and nature shots. Im not going to say more than that however I will end on this as I want to leave it up to you to discover your own thought on this film and leave them in the comments.

I love how the editor chose to edit the crash scene in the beginning of Part 2, with the cuts using both POV and heli shots and then I loved the fact that during this scene the sound you could hear was of from crash, recorded through the onboard mic of the POV camera, of Sam Cohen rolling down through the slough, bashing into the spines and rocks and then giving out a loud cry at the end. This really helped to make me as a viewer feel more of what Sam would have felt after a crash and fall like that.